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Building Your
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Building Your TSP Retirement Savings?

Get the best results through ThriftTrading's leading analysis

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Building Your TSP
Retirement Savings?

Get the best results through ThriftTrading's leading analysis

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What We Provide, LLC is the first professional financial service that provides percentage allotments for the five funds of the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). Since 2005, we have been providing financial guidance to U.S. civil service employees and retirees as well as for members of the uniformed services.

The Thrift Savings Plan is widely recognized as one of the finest, most elegantly simple, and popular retirement plans of its kind. As of August 31, 2017, there were more than 5 million participants and over $500 billion in assets under management. The TSP is the largest defined contribution retirement plan in the world.

However, we have found that the majority of investors do not have the proper guidance required to maximize the growth of their savings. Our IFT Allocation Service is exclusively devoted to helping federal employees increase their thrift retirement savings using fundamental and technical analysis. Our track record speaks for itself.

Our Performance

2019 YTD Results (Close of 05/22/19): Our subscribers have already profited +7.39% in year 2019. The G Fund is up just +1.03%. Our trading returns are outperforming the G Fund by +6.36%. Our projected return rate for 2019 is nearing +20%. Our returns continue to outperform the market and all other TSP advisory services.

Overall Average: Since 2005, our subscribers have profited from a total return average of +11.84% per year. The buy-and-hold strategy has returned +8.07%. The G Fund returned +3.40%. Overall, our returns have outperformed the market by +3.77%.

Our main goal is to maximize our TSP savings during bull market cycles and protect capital during potentially unstable market periods.

Compounding Return on $100,000

Since early 2005


The two main facts to observe from our returns are:

The longevity of our service, and our consistency of outperforming the buy-and-hold strategy.

In addition to using technical and fundamental analysis, we are now validating our interpretation by using a mechanical impulse system. The impulse system uses a combination of trend following and momentum, which maximizes gains when the market is trending. Our returns are now outperforming all other TSP trading services.

If your current trading style is not making these returns, we encourage you to become a subscriber and become part of our growing number of federal government employees & military personnel who are prospering from our valuable service.

About Our Service

Our proprietary methodology uses fundamental and technical analysis for trading the five funds of the Thrift Savings Plan — the G Fund, F Fund, C Fund, S Fund, and I Fund. Our number one goal is to consistently produce results that outperform the buy-and-hold strategy of investing.

All trades adhere to the New Interfund Transfer Rule. The first two IFTs can redistribute money in your account among any or all of the TSP funds. After that, for the remainder of the month, your IFTs can only move money into the Government Securities Investment (G) Fund. This means you can increase the percentage of your account held in the G Fund by reducing the percentage held in one or more of the other TSP funds.

Subscribers Will Receive

Access to exclusive subscriber-only content:

ThriftTrading's weekly newsletter with professional chart analysis and commentary.

Subscribers are updated on our fundamental and technical interpretation of the stock market. We discuss the short-, intermediate-, and long-term outlook, and provide our recommendations for attaining the highest-reward/lowest-risk in the various funds for the short-term.

Technical chart analysis and commentary on the various funds, focusing on the following elements:

Trend analysis, pattern recognition, Elliott wave interpretation, key support - resistance levels, short- to intermediate-term forecast, Fibonacci retracement and extension levels, interpretation of the key technical indicators, seasonality analysis and market cycles, institutional investors and liquidity, relationships to volatility indexes, risk-to-reward probabilities, market sentiment data, fundamental analysis, and volume analysis.

Current fund distribution, providing our current percentage breakdown for the various funds.

E-mail alerts for IFTs (Interfund Transfers); meaning there has been a change in percentage distribution of funds.

First-class customer support, including full privacy protection; free of spam or advertisements.